Showing Transparency

It is a childhood habit that I spend a lot of time with rocks. Maybe because I grew up in a mountainous area. Where there was no stone or rock without identity and story. And the most important center of making stone liones -The oldest Iranian sculptures and a symbol of power- It was a lived experience that always confronted me with the stone as an image of power. The image of stones in urban situations, are different perception, as described by Albert Camus in the myth of Sisyphus; "The stone is a powerful and soulless image of denied powers." A Familiar concept in contemporary societies. In Tehran newsagents. They put stones on newspapers because of the wind. The stones in this situation are very close to my idea. A dense and silent power on the most terrible everyday news. A situation between the subject and the object! repetitive, eternal and Sisyphean. In this project, which is based on the archives of Iran's newspapers of the past year, I tried to avoid the feeling of being objectified and passivity by using the power of watching as the least human action. “Showing Transparency” is an attempt to create a space with a combination of stones, newspapers, photos and some Iranian customs to share this perception with the audience.