Mitra Soltani is an interdisciplinary artist born in 1988.

She works in Tehran. She is interested in the relationship between literature, culture and everyday life. She always uses objects that re‑ect the history and identity of the culture. Her work seeks new experiences of dealing with material and concept by exploring indigenous art practices and literature.

she received her bachelor's degree in painting from Shahed University of Tehran and her master's degree in graphics from Tehran University of Art. She has participated in more than 30 group exhibitions and art festivals and biennials, she has made a number of projects in urban spaces and nature. Also 3 solo exhibitions.

solo exhibitions:

 "Showing Transparency" 2020 - 3platform gallery-Tehran

“In praise of deterioration” 2018 - FarmanFarma gallery- Tehran

"Hanabandan" 2007 - Iranian Artist's House - Tehran

Selected of Group exhibition:

2022| Ast Studio- Art residency project- Yazd- Iran

2022| Faceless Project- Farshfilm Institute- Tehran

2022| Part Of Piece- Nowon Gallery- Tehran

2022| Dear Fractured Stones- Sumac Space

 2021| Vista Contemporary Art Prise- Tehran

2021| Patternitecture project- Niavaran Cultural Center- Tehran

2021| Jackal International Video Art Exhibition- Tehran

2020| Group video art exhibition - Hoorshid Residency- Esfahan, Iran

2019| International environmental art festival- Chabahar, Iran

 2019| Baharestan- the festival of urban art- Tehran

2018| Baharestan- the festival of urban art- Tehran

2016| Rite of Passage, Environmental art exhibition- San Francisco City Hall, USA

2016| Derakhtestan- the festival of urban art- Tehran

2015| Fish & Coral, Group Exhibition- Niavaran Cultural Center- Tehran

2014| Small Size Work - painting exhibition, Aria Gallery- Tehran

2014| Earth & Time, the world of environmental art in Iran, Iranian Artists’ Forum- Tehran

2013| Tehran’s Environmental Art Festival- Laleh Park- Tehran

2013| Sheila Gallery’s Third Anniversary, Painting & Performance- Tehran

2012| Beyond Limited Spaces, invited Iranian Nature Artists Exhibition, Yatoo International Art Center- South Korea

 2012| Damoonfar painting festival, Mellat Cineplex Gallery- Tehran

2011| 8th Tehran Painting biennial

2011| Iran Environmental Artists- Isfahan Museum of Contemporary Art

2011| environmental art festival, Hormoz Island, Iran

2010| Shoshtar Art Festival- University of Shoshtar, Iran

2010| Heaven at the 16th street , Laleh gallery, Tehran

2010| The ­rst student visual arts festival - Imam Ali museum - Tehran

2010| First Iranian contemporary art online contest (Persbook)

2009| Environmental Art Festival, Hormoz Island, Iran

2009| Young Visual Arts Festival- Tehran

2009| Environmental Art Festival in Pardis- Poloor, Iran

2009| Environmental Art Festival in Hasanabad- Isfahan, Iran

2008| The third festival of contemporary drawing in Iran- Imam Ali museum- Tehran

2008| New Languages, New Art- Laleh gallery, Tehran Iran

2008| Environmental Art Festival in Bagh Bahadoran, Esfahan, Iran

2008| Environmental Art Festival in Noshahr, Marlik University, Iran

2007| The second festival of contemporary drawing in Iran- Imam Ali museum - Tehra